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How to Brew…

We opened up our local homebrew shop about two months ago and I am now running it almost full time! It is both daunting and exciting.  I wasn’t clueless about brewing after all I am married to a brewer, but listening to countless hours of what my husband does is not the same as actually aplying it or relaying the info.

I am now about 4 chapters into John Palmers How to Brew and knee deep in wort and hop utilization… What!? Yes that was me precisely about two minutes ago. 


Turns out that when using extract for brewing you get less hop utilization in order to balance the beer you must add 5-10% more hops.  Or you can do a late extract addition and decrease your hops by 20% because of the increased bitterness of better hop utilization.

I better get back to the wonderful world of brewing.

Cheers for now!


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